2017 European Cup (June 7-11)

I’ll be broadcasting the 2017 European Cup (Champions League) with LegionäreTV from Regensburg.

All of the games will be covered – LegionäreTV’s normal crew (led by Tobias Dietrich) will broadcast all games from the Armin Wolf Arena and I’ll be broadcasting all of the games from the second field in Regensburg. It will be an exciting week of top European teams battling one another!

The link for all broadcasts is here:

Here is the broadcast schedule:
Wednesday June 7:
11:00 L&D Amsterdam vs. T&A San Marino
13:30 Curaçao Neptunus vs. Unipolsai Bologna
16:30 Rouen Huskies vs. Mainz Athletics
19:00 Legionäre Regensburg vs. ASD Rimini

Thursday June 8:
11:00 Unipolsai Bologna vs. Rouen Huskies
13:30 Mainz Athletics vs. Curaçao Neptunus
16:30 ASD Rimini vs. L&D Amsterdam
19:00 T&A San Marino vs. Legionäre Regensburg

Friday June 9:
11:00 Mainz Athletics vs. Unipolsai Bologna
13:30 Curaçao Neptunus vs. Rouen Huskies
16:30 ASD Rimini vs. T&A San Marino
19:00 L&D Amsterdam vs. Legionäre Regensburg

Schedule for Saturday and Sunday will be TBD as the tournament unfolds.